Quick Answer: Are There Different Types Of Houses In The Place Where You Live If Yes Think About The Reason?

What do you know about Changpa tribe?

The Changpa or Champa are a semi-nomadic Tibetan people found mainly in the Changtang in Ladakh and in Jammu and Kashmir.

A smaller number resides in the western regions of the Tibet Autonomous Region and were partially relocated for the establishment of the Changtang Nature Reserve..

Do sheep stink like goats?

Sheep and pigs themselves do not have inherently offensive odors, at least in my experience and opinion. The only kind of common livestock that most people agree has an offensive odor itself is an adult male goat during breeding season—WOW!

Can you guess the similarities and differences in the life of Bakarwal people and the life of the Changpas?

Similarities in the life of Bakarwal people and Changpas: Both of them live at higher altitudes. Both of them rear goats and sheep. Both of them keep moving from one place to another in different seasons.

Is Manali a plain or hilly area in which state is it?

Himachal PradeshIs Manali a plain or a hilly area? In which state is it? Answer: Manali is a hilly area, it is situated in Himachal Pradesh.

Why is there a difference between the roofs of houses in Srinagar and in Ladakh?

Why there are flat roof houses in Leh Ladhak, Jammu Kashmir?? … This is because mountain region receives heavy rainfall and snow, thus to prevent water and snow to be accumulated, they have slanting roofs. In Ladakh region , we may see flat roof in region where there is less rainfall.

Do goats and sheep need their own fur and wool?

Sheep typically have fluffy wool that requires shearing while goats have flatter hair as their coat and do not usually need to be sheared. (The Caribbean hair sheep is somewhat of an exception.) Cashmere comes from goats; fleece and of coarse wool come from sheep.

What is the Rebo?

Rebo is a big tent (shelter) which protects changpas (nomadic people residing in Ladakh and Jammu and kashmir) from extreme cold environment. Changpas live in rebos alongwith their herds of cattle.

Why does each family of Changpa put a special mark on their animals?

Each family put a special mark on their animals due to the following reasons: Explanation: … This will help to treat and feed the specific animal when many animals are available as a pet. This helps in counting of animals and helps to determine whether an animal is missing from the group of pets.

Why are goats and sheep considered the only treasure of the Changpa?

The Goats and Sheep are considered the only treasure of the changpas because if a family has more animals it is considered more rich and important.

Is a sheep a goat?

Sheep belong to the genus Ovis and have 54 chromosomes, while goats belong to the genus Capra and have 60 chromosomes. The offspring of a sheep-goat pairing is generally stillborn….Sheep–goat hybridConservation statusHybrid:Ovis aries × Capra aegagrus hircus9 more rows

How do you tell a goat from a sheep?

The easist way to tell the difference between a sheep and goat is to look at their tails. A goat’s tail goes up (unless it is sick, frightened, or in distress). Sheep tails hang down and are often docked (shortened) for health and sanitary reasons.

Why did Tashi say roof is the most important part of their houses?

Roof is the most important part of house because it protects the interior of house and its members. It provides us safety from rain, snow, etc.

Why every lane in Kashmir has a bakery?

Every lane in Kashmir has a bakery. Kashmiri people don’t cook roties in their homes, they buy it from such bakeries. The houses in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir are made to suit the climate and the needs of the people there.

Which animal hair is used for Rebo?

yak hairRebo – Rebo is a tent made of yak hair constructed over an excavated site roughly two and half feet deep and 20ft wide on either side.

Are there different types of houses in the place where you live if yes think about the reasons?

Are there different types of houses in the place where you live? If yes, think about the reasons. Ans. Yes, there are different types of houses in my city.

What is DAB in EVS?


Why do you think a drain was dug around the tent?

There are many important reasons to place the drain dug around the tent. It is because the tent is actually fixed underground. If you fail to do it, it may fly away due to the cold breezes. It is one of the most important steps in placing the tent.