Quick Answer: What Increases Red Blood Cells?

What can cause high red blood cell count?

A high RBC count may be a result of sleep apnea, pulmonary fibrosis, and other conditions that cause low oxygen levels in the blood.

Performance-enhancing drugs like protein injections and anabolic steroids can also increase RBCs.

Kidney disease and kidney cancers can lead to high RBC counts as well..

What vitamin helps the body make red blood cells?

Having vitamin B12 deficiency means that your body does not have enough of this vitamin. You need B12 to make red blood cells, which carry oxygen through your body.

What stimulates the production of red blood cells?

Stimulation Of Red Blood Cell Production Low oxygen levels (hypoxia) in specific tissue, in this case the liver and kidneys induce the production of a hormone erythropoietin. Erythropoietin is responsible for the increased production of red blood cells in the bone marrow.

Is a high red blood cell count bad?

A high red blood cell count may be a symptom of a disease or disorder, although it doesn’t always indicate a health problem. Health or lifestyle factors can cause a high red blood cell count.

How do you treat high red blood cell count?

How is a high red blood cell count treated? If a medical condition is causing a high red blood cell count, your doctor may recommend a procedure or medication to lower it. In a procedure called a phlebotomy, a health professional inserts a needle into your vein and drains blood through a tube into a bag or container.